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Etobicoke’s first inhabitants were the Mississauga First Nation who referred to this area as “Adobigok”, meaning “where the Alders grow”. When European settlers arrived in the 1790s, Etobicoke was formed as a Township that was bordered by Lake Ontario to the south, the Humber River to the east, Etobicoke Creek to the west and the City limits along Steeles Avenue to the north. In 1998 Etobicoke amalgamated with the City of Toronto at which point it became the western boundary of the City.
Many of Etobicoke’s present-day neighbourhoods originated In 1911 when developer Robert Home Smith created the “Humber Valley Surveys”. Home Smith referred to this plan as “a little bit of England, far from England”. For the next forty years, Home Smith and his successors oversaw the building of 3,000 acres of land abutting the Humber River. Today, Etobicoke’s beautiful Tudor and Georgian style houses certainly fit the ideal that Home Smith envisioned.

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