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As one might imagine for such a diverse city, Toronto is a mosaic of different neighbourhoods, most of them with their own identities and charms. Typically the west end of the city has been the hip part of town, but as rents rise and gentrification takes a firmer grip, it’s the east end where the up-and-coming Toronto neighbourhoods are located.
Where to live in Toronto depends on your preferences and lifestyle. This section offers a brief description of the different Toronto neighbourhoods, aimed at giving you an idea as to where to live in Toronto. These neighbourhoods are constantly evolving, and boundaries can become blurred and disputed, but this will serve as a guide to some of the main characteristics of each locality within the city of Toronto and some of the surrounding Toronto suburbs.

Finding a good place to live can be one of the most daunting tasks when moving to Toronto. It’s worth investing time and effort in preparation and research on the various accommodation types and which of the Toronto neighbourhoods is right for you.

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