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From Annelle, 13 October 2008:

How much more famous can you get?
I think your fans ain’t seen nothin’ yet!
You've become a real cool dude
Now that you’re on your own You Tube!


From Rosamond, 11 October 2008:

Yes, Jack, you are world-famous, and you do bare a slight resemblance to Tom around the eyes. But leave Sean Connery alone. . . that would be a stretch. Fortunately, there are multitudes of us who love you as you are, and would be put off by a Tom Selleck imitation, trying to be as clever, witty and thoroughly engaging (tho’ sometimes cantankerous I suppose) as you.

From James, 11 October 2008:

Hello again, Jack & Jonni!

I thought including the YouTube interview on the blog was an inspired move, and I have a sneaking suspicion that it was Jonni's idea!

It was terrific to see and hear what the author was actually like, and I laughed out loud at some of Jack’s dry witticisms, especially his critique of himself as a painter, a musician, and a writer; I thought that was a real hoot, and I thought the entire piece was the finest material I yet seen presented on YouTube (well, there was a Marilyn McCoo clip that was also terrific . . .).

Best to you both and keep on plugging away!

Your friend,


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