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Reader Comments on Transformation

From Dan, 20 September 2008:

I think I saw the “bearded one” the other day on TV. He was walking out of Lehman Brothers with a box full of his stuff. He was bald, a bit pudgy and he wasn’t happy. He put the box in the back of his Lexus and headed back to New Jersey.

From Dixie, 20 September 2008:

I was fascinated by your blog this morning. I think your younger readers will be excited and heartened by your candid summary. And your older readers might have new incentive to take early retirement, as you did, and to expand and explore their inner passions. I am sending that over to my daughter who is most unhappy in her “corporate” setting. Her small marketing group has been bought out twice, and with each buy-out, her work fades further from it’s original joy. She would like to change jobs and move closer to her core family, but the money she makes and the security she feels has her trapped into thinking she’s stuck with it. I am hoping your blog will be a catalyst, or at least fodder for her day! Thanks Jack . . . another Saturday winner!

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