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From Bob, 2 August 2008:

Dear Jack,

Having been privileged to be one of your Times-Union writing understudies although certainly not the most talented, I am proud to have had that experience and to read your enthralling works. I’ve read the trilogy and now am reading The Expendable Spy and enjoying it much. Looking forward to The Ace! Also enjoyed your nostalgic radio piece on the Wilmington DJ. I listen to golden-age radio on the net a lot. I grew up on it in the 40s. Great stuff and love the old commercials.

I think I had the eye for people that your friend Joe has and that’s what kept me in the newspaper business for a career even though I only had a smidgeon of formal college training in it. Wish I had but life didn’t always allow for a college education when I was a kid in the 40s and 50s. The Air Force got me into journalism, believe it or not. For that, I have been eternally grateful.

Just wanted to know I’m still a huge fan.


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