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Reader Comments on The Blood Order

From Larry, 17 August 2008:

I've just finished reading “The Blood Order” and am looking forward to finding and starting “The Tin Kravat.” As someone with a longtime (more than 40 years’) interest in 1930s Germany and as a private pilot with an equally longtime interest in early military aviation, I thoroughly enjoyed your novel and appreciate the opportunity of being able to tell you so.


Reply from Jack: Thanks for writing, Larry! It's always great to hear my books are still alive and well! You'll find links on my Books page to Barnes & Noble and if you'd like to purchase them online.

From Shirl, 31 May 2008:

Dear Jack,

I read with anticipation every word of the first chapter of Blood Order! It kept me glued and wanting to read more and so I will purchase the book. I have long been impressed with your books and movies made from them. I am looking forward to collecting all of your books now and reading all your BLOGS as well. I find your writings very interesting and so descriptive. Thinking you had lost your cell phone was amusing and a completely realistic happening. You penned it in such an entertaining way. I anxiously await more, both blog and book!


# # #

Reply from Jack:

Thanks a bunch for the kind words, Shirl. Send along your copy of The Blood Order with the return postage and it’ll be my pleasure to autograph it for you.

Best wishes always, Jack

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