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From Lou, 11 July 2008:

Mr Hunter:

I read with great interest the article on you which ran in yesterday’s Times Union. It reminded me that I have been severely lax in sending you a long overdue thank you.

Back in 1992 I called you and asked you for advice on how to get published. You were extremely patient with me and graciously took your valuable time to explain the process. I listened very carefully to everything you told me and followed your advice. I was fortunate in having my manuscript accepted by a publisher fairly quickly. Although my book is a text book, it has been very successful within my trade. It was published in 1993 and I subsequently wrote a second edition which was published in 2003.

Your information was right on the button. I appreciated your honest assessment for anticipating failure, yet you were encouraging for someone who believed in their work.

Again, thank you so much for your guidance, encouragement and honesty. You turned on the lighthouse when I was out in stormy, unchartered seas. I return your kindness whenever a new author contacts me and asks how they can proceed in getting published.

Best personal regards,


From Bob, 10 July 2008:

Hey, Jack!

I read Charlie Patton’s story about your upcoming book with considerable pride in you and nostalgia for my old TU days.

It’s wonderful to hear that you’re still creating and publishing.

I am quite surprised that Charlie’s story did not mention your stint of several years as a writing coach at the TU. I am proud to lay claim to having been in on your very entertaining and valuable commentary sessions and to have had my meager writing talents throughly exposed to your crtical eye. I can’t even remember what years they were but they were good ones.


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