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Reader Comments on Waiting

From Bob H., 16 March 2008:

Don't be embarrassed about hating to wait. My pet peeve is with the implied rudeness of people who are late for appointments. Sometimes it's unavoidable but many times it is just lack of any respect for the people they keep waiting.

I recall a doctor that I saw regularly who consistently ran late as much as one to two hours for an appointment. On my last visit before I changed doctors in a desperate effort to find one who was less cavalier about keeping on schedule, I decided to go on the offensive (without being offensive,hopefully). When I finally got in to see him about 1½ hours after my appointment time, I reminded him he was very late again, this was consistent in all my visits and there was never a reason given or an apology. So I told him I intended to bill him back at the $200/hour rate I fetch as an international business consultant on the rationale that my time was valuable too. I never did bill him and I doubt he would have paid anyway, but the look on his face was worth it when I didn't share his nervous "You've got to be kidding" chuckle. Maybe the message got through. I didn't hang around to find out.