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Reader Comments on Ode to St. Augie

From Annelle, 23 July 2008:

WOW — I am behind in the readings of your fab-blogs (see, I can make up words like you) & just finished Ode to St. Auggie, which I loved, loved, loved! You just keep on a’tickin, don’t you?

From Jim, 24 May 2008:

Hey Jack — loved today’s blog — could you do us “non-French” speakers and readers a favor and interpret the exchange of the father-son. I think I got the gist but not sure. I spent my Korean War days in the far east. Conversational Japanese.

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Reply from Jack:

Jim: Great to hear from you. I didn’t understand the French exchange either, and my goofy pseudo-French was an attempt to convey what the dialog sounded like to me. The gist is all you need: A daddy (probably bilingual Canadian) up to here with his l’il feller’s whining, and when the more comfortable French didn’t cut it, he shifted gears into uncompromising English.

Best to you, lad!

From Lee, 24 May 2008:

Your St. Augustine essay is excellent! A beautiful description! I especially like the part about the French parents and their little tiker—ha! ha!

From Gili, 24 May 2008:

Good morning Jack! Your blog was exactly what I needed to fortify me for a long Saturday at the Taberna. I have a “myspace” page, and think that some of my friends would enjoy reading your latest entry about living in St. Augustine. Do you mind if I put a link to it on my page?

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Reply from Jack: Delighted to have my St. Augie noodler linked to your page. Great to hear from you!

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