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From Norbert, 07 June 2008:

After the first reading, I focused on this war and the people I know who want to crucify Bush, Cheney et al, and, without saying so, to lose the war. These are the same people who, through ignorance or malfeasance, want to push our America from a capitalist nation of freedom and entrepreneurial progress to a socialist nation of mass mediocrity. In the process they want to invalidate the efforts of those of us who have served and/or are serving. Not one of the Americans I know from WWII see this as anything less than traitorous. Yet these people remain safe from reprisal. If I could change that without doing more serious damage to our country than they are doing, I would. But — I don’t know how.

Worse, as though their undermining of the war isn’t enough, many are undermining the foundations of our system. They are worse than traitors. Even with ample evidence like the disastrous Johnson’s War on Poverty, these same people fail to see that Socialism doesn’t work. Except for running wars, Washington can’t do much of anything very well other than collect taxes. Listen to the shouts of approval when Hillary calls for nationalized healthcare without telling us about Canada. Listen to the shouts of approval when Obama calls for change without telling us what changes he wants to make. How have we let the electorate become so dumb? And then there is our national disgrace called Congress . . .

Where is our wrath?

Do you suppose small groups of Roman citizens had similar concerns as they watched the downfall?

But — that leaves a mystery. Why the hell do old guys like you and me feel so strongly?

From Jim, 07 June 2008:

Today’s blog summarized my feelings so well. —You nailed the current sentiment, brought on by the new P.C. cowardice to some degree, in my humble opinion.

How did this wussie attitude get legs?

I’m frightened by our “head in the sand” attitude. My heart bleeds for this country.

But what do I know?

I did serve my 9 months of war on an aircraft carrier off North Korea. . . . Air intelligence and photo navigator in old WW II navy planes. 4 years active duty and 4 years as a week-end warrior.

This blog struck home so well — I read it twice.

Thank you.

From Dixie, 07 June 2008:

Marcus was right on about this blog. The majority of Americans just don’t get it! I wish the free world could read it and understand it and believe it. We ARE in an ongoing war for survival and I thank you, and all veterans and present military personnel, for their personal sacrifices for our freedoms.

Thanks, Jack - a meaningful reminder on this Saturday morning . . . and put into words that only you could compose.

From Marcus, 07 June 2008:

I’ve been reading your blog for several months, and until now was content to just lurk and enjoy. But I had to comment on your latest entry, Connecting the Dots.

It doesn’t matter what side of the political fence we’re on; what you said needs to be said, over and over until the world gets the message. I just wonder if we’re really listening.

That’s one of your many talents: get us laughing (as you did in the last couple blogs) and then hit us with a much-needed 2x4.

Jack D. Hunter ain’t just a box of jokes.

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