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From Jack Klein, 10 February 2008

It is with mighty trepidation that I write this. Sending an e-mail to one of the most literate and articulate persons in my address book!

Even though I was born shortly after the end of World War II, I can still remember my father's reminiscences, as one who served. Back then, who didn't? I always enjoyed his brief narratives of the "human" side of the war and how it affected, not only those on the front lines, but also those on the home-front.

My father passed not too many years ago, long before I was able to garner as much information from that era as I would like. Reading Jack Hunter's weekly blogs are a fond reminder of the chats I had with my father. Reading these blogs on a Saturday night are, I imagine, much like FDR's cozy fireside chats, raising the morale of those left behind who were worried about those fighting the war.

The point of this e-mail? Keep these blogs coming, for as long as there are those of us around to read them. And I hope they are MANY!

Kind regards,
Jack Klein
Melbourne, FL