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From Dixie, 06 February 2008

Baldur von Dasch

I read your blogs and love them. Have never seen anything suspicious in the sky......


From Don, 02 February 2008

Dear Jack,

Read your latest blog as to the "incident" in W. Virginia. How coincidental that it came at a time that I have developed a passive interest in the subject.

You see, I am a pilot and homebuilder of aircraft. I live on a small farm here in Southern New Jersey, and I've seen a couple of things over the years that, while they certainly weren't identifiable, they most certainly were not aircraft as I know them.

I've never made a big deal out of any of the things I saw as I didn't want to become labeled as a kook as is so often done. Heck, I'm already a kook without adding unidentifiable airborne objects to the list of reasons for calling me one! Ha! Just building and flying my own airplanes is enough to get a crooked eye from the neighbors!Don Corben & Friend

You didn't mention your belief or non-belief on the subject. I do however admire your comment on how religions are made. Much as written by Richard Bach.

Best always,
Don Pensa