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From Jonni, 19 May 2008:

I beg to differ with friend Norbert. When one’s whole life — one’s outlook on life, one’s lifestyle in general — has changed, the weight loss is usually permanent. Weight gain is frequently associated with depression and negativity. If there’s a negative bone in Jack Hunter's body, I’ve yet to see it after nearly a decade of friendship. He’s not the same man I met those many years ago; if anything, he's more positive and upbeat, and the past couple of years have been like watching a flower bloom. My hat’s off to him. This world ain’t seen nothin' yet!

Assistant to Jack D. Hunter

From Norbert, 19 May 2008:

I read your diet blog. The reported travail suggests one thing in multi-force emphasis. You won’t last, so don’t get rid of your old clothes. You’ll need them when you, like ALL the rest of us, put the weight back on in spades. Meanwhile enjoy your svelte self. If I have more good news I will send it along.


From Lydia, 17 May 2008:

I laughed till I cried! Your blogs are always fun to read, but this one took the. . .er. . . cake. (Sorry.)

Keep writing! The world needs you!


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