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Reader Comments on Freedom lovers unite! Down with fashionable pants!

From Megan, 10 May 2008:

Let me be the first (on your blog, at least) to congratulate you on your weight loss! It couldn’t have been easy to do, and my hat’s off to you!

As for the clothing conundrum, you’re not alone, my friend! Like you, I’m not — and never was — built like Suzy Parker or whoever the latest #1 female fashion model is. My shoulders are too wide for the rest of me, so if I buy for a comfortable fit in the shoulders, I look like a little (flat-chested) girl dressed up in her mommy’s clothes. If I buy for my chest measurement, I look like a miniature lumberjack in drag.

Shoes? Don’t even mention them. As my father once remarked, “You’d have been six feet tall if they hadn’t turned so much under for feet.” Wal-Mart doesn’t even carry my shoe size, unless I look in the men’s department.

Me, I go for the things they used to call tent dresses (now they call ’em caftans) and bare feet. As you pointed out, there are advantages to being self-employed.

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