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Reader Comment on The Blue Max

From John C, 07 September 2008:

I am ½ way into The Blue Max. OUTSTANDING! Each character is fascinating, their descriptions and thoughts are so rich with information that I re-read most paragraphs. I have nothing to compare it to and look forward to reading your remaining 15 novels. I especially liked the scene where Heidemann and Stachel first meet. I have adopted Heidemann’s philosophy of counting only the things I am and displacing regrets. For some reason it appears to have really sunk in with me. I find myself not dwelling on negatives. I only wish I read it 20 years ago. I am signing up for your blog. I would really appreciate a list of authors you read along with your favorite book. You have replaced mine.

Thanking you in advance for consideration of my request:

John C.

* * *

Reply from Jack:

Delighted to have you aboard, John. Your comments on The Blue Max are especially gratifying; when I wrote it all those years ago my intention — my hope — was to have the reader see something of himself in the characterizations, and your enthusiasm confirms that, in your case, at least, my hope was fulfilled. You’ll find my other novels carry the same intention, but it’s more difficult to discern there. The Blue Max is a character-driven novel. Most of the others are plot-driven, thanks to the domination of the suspense, mystery, and action needed to make them work. But whether it’s a high-tension espionage thriller or a satire of corporate shenanigans, I try very hard to make character count. I suspect you’ll see something of yourself in all of them!

Thanks most sincerely for taking the time to share your thoughts.


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