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Explaining Addie

Unhappily, over the past 20 years the mainstream publishing world has been badly constricted by (1) the overall tyranny of political correctness and political activism, and (2) the perceived need to reserve large resources for the acquisition of manuscripts ostensibly written by notorious politicians and airhead celebrities. Add to this schmeer the diffidence of editors who cede their basic acquisition responsibilities to the prior screening of feckless, blockbuster-hungry “literary agents,” and there’s little room left for journeymen yarn-spinners like me.

It was my privilege to work with one of the nation’s most talented editor/publishers during the gathering of this storm. However, neither of us could withstand the malignant forces of political activism in the industry and its pilot-fish reviewing media, and so in the last years, sales of entertaining literature rooted in American virtues — my specialty — went down in flames.

Facing strong evidence of my inclusion on some kind of blacklist, I was compelled (as a writer dependent on his writings for economic survival) to do my next work under a pseudonym. I combined “Lee,” and “Thompson,” two family names, and submitted a historical suspense thriller, Addie, in the hope I could continue under the cover of this pen name to earn a living.

Alas, it was not to be. Someone among those considering the manuscript blew my cover, and so when it at last sold to a minor publisher, Addie was dismissively categorized as a “women’s interest” book and, of course, it virtually sank without a trace into literary limbo.

Yet, as the old saying goes, “Time wounds all heels,” and Addie, having maintained a tiny spark of life and an apparent will to survive, has since emerged from the darkness to thumb its figurative nose at its political tormentors and to enjoy a mild revival as a collector’s item.

We think you might like to see how this literary waif opens. So click on this link and settle back with a cuppa.

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