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Reader Comments on Rasch

From Jay, 9 December 2008:

In an unsettling sort of way, I have to admit that I have no quarrel with Rasch’s prognostications. Not the “one world government” nonsense — but his description of the evolution of a democracy is more than just a theory or the ranting of a defeated Nazi looking for some glimmer of hope for the eventual demise of his conqueror. For most of my life, I have been addicted to history. There is so much of the past that is manifested in the present — but few of us ever notice. Most people are so wrapped up in the “now” that the lessons of the past are forgotten...if they were ever learned at all. I think this attitude was summed up nicely for me by a very creative and successful film producer for whom I sometimes wrote scripts and proposals seeking funding for various projects. I often suggested that we cover historical subjects — especially those related to Florida’s history. He finally put my ideas to rest with the pronouncement that “history is as dry as a popcorn fart. Forget about it.” For many years, this was a source of much annoyance for me. But now I realize that this lack of respect for history is only natural. Without it, the natural progression (?) of society would be slowed. So now, I simply look at the disturbing and disheartening news each day with a sense of detachment and sometimes wonder that comes from the realization that all is going as it should be. We’re immersed in self-indulgence. Next comes apathy and then... the end. Of course, there will be warnings and calls to action and much hand-wringing by idiotic pundits — but these will be lost in the increasingly loud drone of advertisements for unneeded but much-desired products. As was noted long ago by an observer of the demise of another great “civilization” — “the dogs bark, but the caravan passes.” So for now.... Go Gators!

From Jim, 6 December 2008:

Oftentimes novelists’ readers don’t always understand that the themes and ideas in novels don’t necessarily mirror the thoughts and ideals of the writers.

The “One World Government” concept is a popular item in futuristic stories (science fiction/speculative fiction) and we enjoy playing “what if” with all the myriad variations it can offer.

But sci-fi isn’t real life, and the cold reality of living under a true “One World Government”, as crafted and administered by the current or near-future societies we have available to us, is nothing THIS aging American would care to experience.

From Rosamond, 6 December 2008:

That was brilliant, this recent blog. I was spellbound, feeling almost as if I were there listening to this man.

Now I’m scared, even more than I already was.

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