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Reader Comments on Let’s Just Pipe Down

From JJ, 28 December 2008:

I can’t agree with you more. Try reading my local paper, The Providence Journal. It’s brutal. They no longer look for the truth. Glad to hear your feeling better, hope you had a nice holiday.

Rgds: JJ

PS: I finished the Blue Max series, I loved it. And the ending has left you open for one more. Please. I loved those characters.

From Dan, 28 December 2008:

Jack: I have known you 42 years, over half of my life, and have seen you as a father, husband, brother, relative, friend, writer, editor, counselor, teacher and more. You seem to have a single mind in every situation. And now, comes today’s world. The tidal wave, “a vast, clamorous sea swirling around our cultural foundations” is what your writing is all about, the mortality of man, in all its imperfections, slamming against the immortality of hope. It seems to me that the struggle we are observing is nothing more than the attempt to take the “immortality of hope” out of the sanctuary and put it in the government. It has been tried before and failed as will surely happen again.

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