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Reader Comments on The Heroes Around Us

From Lee, 20 December 2008:

This is an excellent blog—beautifully-written and inspiring.

From Norbert, 20 December 2008:

Your piece about heros. I know some, one in particular, who lead many away from disaster and to productive, sober life. If you would like to know his name, ask.

From Mary, 20 December 2008:

Greetings to you Jack, and to Jonni too. I enjoyed your latest blog entry, and thought that I should reply so that I may wish you both a very Merry Christmas time. It is fast approaching us and I hope you will have your own celebrations of one sort or another to enjoy and share. I look forward to your next news for us, keep writing to us, your fans.

From Jim, 20 December 2008:

Great blog on the “real heroes,” Jack. Wish we had more college professors like the one you mentioned.

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