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Reader Comments on That Time Is Here Again

From Dan, 22 November 2008:

Good Morning Jack: Thanks, as always, for the blog and the turkey update. Some friends are coming to the golf course today for the annual “Turkey Tournament.” It features a shot at a prize on the first hole for the ball that lands closest to “the turkey sign”. We will have turkey soup, turkey sandwiches and a turkey meal. Each player will receive a coupon for a free turkey at the local supermarket.

We had lunch on Thursday with a couple who live in St. Augustine, and who own rental properties locally that we manage. They brought us a copy of the St. Augustine Record, dated Saturday November 15, 2008. You were “above the fold,” in the fold and all over the fold. It had a wonderful updated photo, an excellent article and the book review by Peter Guinta on page six.

You look great. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


From Jim, 22 November 2008:

Ah, but you’re in no way required to “get the bird”, Jack! There are ample purveyors of the classic holiday ham, served up in ways and means both traditional and avant guard.

Don’t like Porky Pig for a potable picnic? There’s always roast duck for the ersatz Elmer Fudds; no shotguns required.

And who’s to say what you can or cannot enjoy. You are the one giving thanks! Why not start your own Hunter holiday traditions? While barbecued Bambi may not be available at the local supermarket, there’s a vast variety of victuals awaiting your selection, any number of which would make a fine Thanksgiving or Christmas or New Years feast.

And failing all that, there’s always the old standby: SPAM — fried, baked or sliced cold for a SPAMwich.

(Or yours and my favorite: corned beef hash!)

Bon appetit!

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