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Reader Comments on It’s good to be home

From James, 15 November 2008:

The Blue Max Revisited: A terrific read! Being the appreciator of history that I am, I always find compelling accounts of the true and accurate circumstances surrounding an event or phenomenon, and this essay certainly qualifies as that.

I’m glad to learn that Jack is recovering from his recent ordeal. I was also deeply touched to learn of his spiritual awareness. It’s there inside us all, but many people pass through their lives without ever acknowledging or even admitting to its existence.


From Mary, 15 November 2008:

It is GRRREAT to have you back at home. I also wanted to say that when I picked up our copy of this morning’s [St. Augustine] Record, I was so happy to see a familiar face on the front page, and I avidly read the article about you and also the one by Peter Guinta about you new book, I will look forward to getting my copy of this book.

Continue to fight, write and be you,

fondly, your admirer and acquaintance


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