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15 November 2008

It’s Good to be Home

Where do I begin? What do I say? After a month of dimness and pain, drifting in and out of what seemed to be the suburbs of hell, I’m here again, greeted by the warmth and stunning good will of friends the world over — many of whom I never knew I had.

Since I’m still wobbly, belabored by the discomforts that accompany intrusive surgery, I can’t yet bring together the sharp intellectual focus and physical stamina required of one who yearns to communicate effectively to readers (14,000 by current count) of demonstrated intelligence and sensitivity. So all I can manage at this point is to say thanks — a thousand times thanks — to all you lovely people who tune in here weekly. I promise to be back again and again as my strength returns more fully. You’ve given me a reason to fight with all the pizzazz I can muster to live and walk again.

Meanwhile so many inquiries have come in about The Blue Max — the novel and how and when and why it was written — that Jonni has added a navigation link that leads to the definitive article (“ Blue Max Revisited”) I wrote on the subject for Over the Front — the official publication of the League of World War I Aviation Historians. The League was gracious enough to invite me to write the piece, and its reproduction here might do two useful things:

1.  Answer any question you might have about the novel, and

2.  Introduce you to the League, world-renowned as the single greatest source of facts and reliable research data available to students of that remarkable period in history.


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