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Reader Comments on A Word to the Not So Wise and Update on The Ace

From Marcus, 18 October 2008:

John the Baptist was a “voice crying in the wilderness.” But what he heralded changed history.

Patrick Henry shouted, “Give me liberty or give me death!” and started a revolution.

It’s people who aren’t afraid to be that lone voice in the wilderness who might, just might, get somebody’s attention — who just might start a much-needed revolution.

We need more clear-eyed critics — curmudgeons — who aren’t afraid to say, “Hey, wait just a damn minute. . !”

Thanks for being one of them.

From Norbert, 18 October 2008:

One thing that bothers me about you and me is that we continue to express rancor about things we don’t like. You with this one and me, at the same time, with a bristling, vitriolic letter to the editors of local newspapers about the gross, moronic and unconscionable misbehavior of our School Board here in my hometown.

In mine I’m asking these School Board Members to resign here and now. I’m telling them to get lost so as to make room for new people of common sense and mature judgment who will regard the huge $70,000,000 school improvement program as irresponsible, especially after their outrageous project has been rejected twice by referenda.

Such righteous indignation on our parts does not seem realistic, mature or mentally healthy when you consider our relatively short life expectancy. My wife reminds me that people my age (and yours) should reduce stress by rolling over and playing dead. Leave it to the young and lively. But — if we aren’t allowed to react in forthright manners, what would be left?

Meanwhile someone might just possibly hear us and do something. Wouldn’t that be nice.

Regards from your friend and fellow curmudgeon.

Saint Norbert

From Lee, 18 October 2008:

Excellent comments on your latest blog! You speak for me and countless others, I’m sure. Thanks for voicing your moral outrage—more need to speak up.

So glad to hear about the audio version of The Ace!

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