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Addendum: 27 August 2008

Attention, “Blue Max” Fans!

An e-mail came sailing in from Ireland this morning, and according to Tony Roe, my correspondent, big things are afoot over there. Since so many of you have let me know of your fondness for — and interest in — The Blue Max (both novel and movie) I think you might be interested in what Tony reports, followed by my answer to him. To wit:

Hello Jack. Forgive the familiarty of my address but I feel obligated to let you know about an event taking place in Ireland on September 18th next. The Irish Army Air Corps were the hosts for the aerial bits of the film “Blue Max” and for the pilots and ground crew of the Air Corps who were seconded to work on the making of that epic it was an experience that meant a lot to many of us. To some it was a career changing experience and one we would never forget. On Sept. 18th, at Baldonnell (now called Casement Areodome), we are having a “Flying Films Reunion” for all those who worked on / in Blue Max and other sebsequent films like Darling Lily, Von Ricthhovan and Brown, Zepplin, etc.

The Dept. of Defence and the GOC Irish Air Corps are fully behind the venture and our main sponsor is City Jet, an Irish owned airline headed up by Geoff White. We are gathering up as many surviving pilots and ground crew as we can for the event and indeed will have the senior stunt pilot from the film (now in his late 80s) over for the event. As your book was the inspiration for the film I wonder if you would “give us your blessing” by emailing a message, or some similar gesture, that we might put on display at the reunion event, it would be greatly appreciated.

The email address is , and for snailmail, Flying Films Committee, C/O Station Adjuants Office, Casement Aerodrome, Baldonnel, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Many thanks for taking the time to read this,

Regards, Tony Roe (ground crew mechanic)

* * *

Reply from Jack:

Yo, Tony!

How good it is to hear from you and to learn of your big plans for the “Flying Films Reunion.” I’m much pleased and flattered, of course, to be included in your preparations, and you can be sure that I’ll write a special message of support and congratulations. I’ll get it together and off to you as soon as possible.

And (I’m assuming it’s okay with you) I’ll post your email to me on my regular blog and inform the innumerable international fans of The Blue Max — both novel and movie — of the program you’re setting up. Perhaps they’ll jump to your support as well, in one way or another, to help make the event an even greater success!

Thanks again, Tony. You’ll be hearing from me!


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