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14 June 2008

Keeping Things Straight

So you all don’t think I’m traveling under false colors or wearing The Two Faces of Eve, I’d like to point out that I am NOT the guy known as “The Southern Avenger.”

It’s come to my attention that one Jack Hunter, a columnist and internet blogger for a newspaper in Charleston, SC, is widely known by that sobriquet and is renowned for his outspoken, ultra-conservative views on today’s national politics.

As I tried to make clear in the introductory material here I want my own blog to steer clear of partisan politics or vitriol in any form. Too much of that is already swamping the American public today, and I simply don’t care to add to the deluge. So I hereby assure you that there is absolutely no connection between me and the Mr. Hunter who writes as “The Southern Avenger.”

Meanwhile, and all that having been said, we’re . . .

Branching Out

The summer promises to be a busy one, what with all my standard commitments and the launching of my 17th novel. But the brew will be boiling even faster now that my long-planned morph into a full-scale professional writing and art service is formally about to open for business.

Eventually I’ll have a new page on my website about this, but the easiest, most direct way to explain it is to show you the announcement we are readying for various media, including YouTube and Google:

Welcome to
The Jack D. Hunter Talent Pool, Inc.

The written word is supreme.

Nothing significant and enduring happens in this world without it.

From the beginning of measured time, no society formed, no civilization burgeoned, no exploration was launched, no invention evolved, no exaltation of the human spirit transpired without its first being rooted in a written language. Hieroglyphics on an ancient tomb, Canaveral space shot manuals, and every practical human achievement between have at some time, somewhere, required someone to sit down and translate abstract and abstruse ideas into general understanding and practical application by way of the written word.

The rub?

Not everybody writes easily and clearly.

You can have a PhD in rocket science and still not be able to write an effective thank-you note, or a letter to the IRS, or a speech before the Gump Stump Junction Citizens Club. You can be a housewife who yearns to write a romance novel but is stymied by the fact that her most passionate scenes read like frozen food labels. You can be the CEO of Amalgamated Smithereen Corporation and be reluctant to ask your PR people to help you with those memoirs Sadie and the kids insist you write.

So what to do?

You turn to The Jack D. Hunter Talent Pool.

We’re a consortium of highly talented, broadly experienced professional writers who are ready and willing to assist you with everything that goes into effective, creative writing — from concept to final editing. The pool has been assembled and will be overseen by Jack D. Hunter, a best-selling author with more than six decades of mainline, top-drawer success in journalism, in Congressional speech writing, in corporate advertising and public relations, and in the professional literary, motion picture, and creative arts fields. Our members include article writers, book authors, poets, company publications specialists, screenwriters, lyricists, novelists, advertising copywriters, direct-mail professionals — the whole spectrum. Our contributions to your creations are never made public. When we work with you, it’s in complete privacy, and your by-line is the only one that appears.

When you have an assignment for us, contact Jack Hunter directly, and he will assign the proper pool writer/editor to work with you exclusively until your work is complete. Then Hunter personally checks out the entire project, and it will not be officially released to you until he decides that it meets all the literary and policy standards he has established for the Pool and its members and their clients. And whatever the project, from a love letter to a book-length history, our rates are surprisingly modest — within the reach of anyone who has serious need to communicate via the written word.

Because of my severe hearing handicap, I can't communicate easily on the telephone, so for more information, please or FAX me at 904-824-4828.


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