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2 March, 2009

Little Miracles

So here I am: Exibit “A” in today’s high adventure in human ingenuity and technical adaptability.

Picture this: I am lying in a recliner, my feet propped on pillows so that they are higher above the floor than my head — a weird, unnatural position calculated to overcome a threatening patch of cellulitis on my right ankle. The need is to hasten the circulation of blood — the lack of which is the primary culprit in the malady and which, if allowed to continue, can be painfully fatal. The trick is to lie thusly and type on a word processor keyboard — a feat which, when attempted with a standard lap top computer, is akin to playing an etude while lying under the piano.

So how am I doing this? Answer: a combination of angry stubbornness, a gifted business manager who is even less willing to take “no” for an answer, and the magic of high tech. I’m simply too damned unwilling to be kept away from my writing by a gaggle of ornery ankle veins, so Jonni, my amanuensis, did some internet searches and came up with “NEO,” a dandy little battery powered word processor that has an almost-standard keyboard but weighs around a pound and will go anywhere, operate anywhere — even on a lap whose legs and feet are somewhere near the ceiling.

No kidding. It sounds sort of klunky here, but in actuality it has given me a whole new lease on life. It dutifully lets me type in what you’re reading now, then tomorrow (or any later time, for that matter) it will plug into my regular PC and let me edit it there, store it there, and print it from there, should I want to.

I am no longer imprisoned by my cellulitis. Little “NEO” has cut the shackles.

Rejoice with me!


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