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Sunday, February 3, 2009

Welcome to My New Look!

[Note from Jonni: This entry was originally posted in a different format, through an online blog service. That service is what Jack refers to as his “New Look.” All of the posts on that service are now archived here.]

Greetings, dear friends. This is ole Jack, trying out a new look for his old web site. Since I am entirely inept at all things computer-ish, my greatest fear is that I’ll lose you all in cyberspace by way of a pinky accidentally hitting a delete key disguised as a lidikranbr rectogon lurking in the franbus retel in the adjacency of Alt F7.

Compounding my anxiety is the fact that I’ve been compelled to use a laptop. Ordinarily I get along fairly well when using my PC, an important presence in my writer’s tool kit since the day I acquired it at Bill Gates’s first garage clearance sale. He assured me at the time that it would be a good investment because it was the second one he’d built and it had served him well for seven years. He was right, too, but just this past week it gave up the ghost and refused to light up and hum, no matter how hard I hit it with a hammer and kicked it in the throcklerasm portal.

Jonni, my web site manager, said in her most somber tones that the old box was showing symptoms of an advanced case of death and that I’d be well advised to replace it. She said I could use the laptop in the attic until our computer guys could order and load a new PC. “Fine,” I said, “but how do I turn on that flat, funny-looking little black pancakey thing? And how do I see those teensy little letters on its teensy little keyboard? It comes with a microscope, maybe?”

Well, we went back and forth on this for a time, and in the process it was agreed that we ought to take advantage of this interval by something she called “updating the over-all look of the blog section of my site.” Besides, it was getting sort of clunky, this business of changing the blog only on Saturdays. “Why not do like the big folks do and have a blog that you can post on every day and give your readers a chance to comment right there, on the spot?”

I thought about that. My time in this vale of tears is shortening and the list of things I have yet to puff and blow about is lengthening. So, as a result of this estimate of the situation, here we go with a wild stab at meeting the two needs by way of this new blog, courtesy of Google. With my pudgy fingers punching these teensy-weensy keys we are most certainly due some pratfalls, but I’ll give it my best shot — and I hope you will, too, by sending in your pearls of wisdom as we go along.


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