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Reader Comments on So You’re Writing a Novel

From Lee, 17 January 2009:

I’m one of the readers who enjoys your “writing lessons.” It’s not that I want to write a novel, but rather, it’s fascinating to hear your thoughts on writing techniques. Keep it up!

From Jim, 17 January 2009:

For some of us, the “seed” was planted when we picked up a promising-looking tome, and after investing the time and effort to slog through several chapters, pitched the miserable thing across the room and exclaimed, “This thing stinks! I can do better that that!”

Therefore, in response to our self-issued challenge we sat down and proceeded to prove to ourselves (and the world) that, yes, we COULD do better than the clinker of a book that so outraged us.

And thus yet another novel (or three) is born!

From Mary, 17 January 2009:

What a wonderful thing to write about — I am not a writer, not even an aspiring one, but I would be inspired to start by now if I were. It is so good to hear of the ways that helped you to be so successful at ‘making the start’ to become a writer.

I look forward to the next episode, and who knows.....

From Adrian, 17 January 2009:

I loved your blog item today. I’m an avid reader of it now. Amy’s helping me set up my own efforts in this brave new medium.

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