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12 January 2008


. . . to this chronicle of the outrageous life, times, and pratfalls of Jack D. Hunter, the worldís most unknown famous author

I'd rather be a could-be if I cannot be an are;
Because a could-be is a maybe who is reaching for a star.
I'd rather be a has-been than a might-have-been, by far;
For a might-have-been has never been, but a has was once an are.

     — Milton Berle

With these words of cheer-up from a wise old comedian serving as both rationale and benchmark, this blog for sensible adults — whether has-beens, could-beís, or might-have-beens — has been a part of my web site since the git-go.

As most of you know by now, Iíve had a rather eclectic career, mixing soldiering, journalism, industrial PR, aviation art and the writing of historical novels over a span of nearly seven decades. This web site was originally intended to serve the little cottage industry I drifted into along the way — a sidebar profession derived from my lifelong hobby of sketching and painting antique aircraft, trains, cars and ships.

But Iím incurably a writer, a disease that has condemned me to a lifetime of preoccupation with the human scene and a need to record and speculate on the absurdities Iíve either caused or found there. Adding to this a personal fondness for reminiscence, it was inevitable that Iíd see the blog as a logical test bed for the memoirs I hope to produce before Iím summoned to that Big Front Office in the Sky.

But all along Iíve sensed something missing. The blog has been basically a monologue, in which I alone have huffed and puffed and twitted and praised and deplored and giggled. How much more satisfying the blog could be, I thought, if some of those great minds among my readers were to add their comments to the subject at hand. The thought has become action, so in the next few weeks Jonni Anderson, the indefatigable genius who designed my web site and superintends its daily performance, will be de-emphasizing my paintings, thus giving more room to the blog and links by which all you wonderful folks will have a chance to dish on whatever moves you.

A caveat:

If your comments are chosen for publication here, theyíll be subject to my editing — for length and clarity only. Still, while your ideas will be presented free of any censorship, your subject matter will not. Iíll reject any fulminations on Partisan Politics, the Culture Wars, Religion, Race, and Raunch. The whole world around me reeks with such dreck. The internet, TV, movies, and the rest of the media are often like nasty juveniles, disdaining decency and true achievement for trivia, social superficialities, and arrogant, airheaded celebrities with big egos or big boobs or both. Iím up to here with all of it, and so, I want to offer all you like-minded adults a platform from which you can share with us all those funny, moving, insightful tales youíve gathered along the life road you travel. Here we talk about the real world as seen through the eyes of kindly, hard-working people of any background and persuasion.

Iím truly looking forward to hearing from you. I know youíve had some great, illuminating experiences. Letís hear about them.

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